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Public Spaces


Public Spaces

This page illustrates how S1 & S11 will connect with its surrounding public space. You can view more information in the 'additional materials' below, and have your say at the bottom of the page.

At this stage of design, the height and design of the podium to residential building S1 and its commercial (non-residential) space are being reviewed: The upper floor of the podium could be reduced and redesigned to provide additional amenity space, terrace and more homes.

Above: public spaces around S1 & S11

1. Northern Gateway

The Northern Gateway is the arrival point for the two residential towers, creating a gateway to IQL. The plots form the entrance to IQL alongside the spine that runs throughout, forming a link to the rest of the site and creating a visual connection to the surrounding area.

Above: View towards Drewry Hill from Northern Gateway (left: S1, right: S11)

2. Drewry Hill

Drewry Hill is the space between S1 & S11 that leads from Northern Gateway to Drewry Square. The residential lobbies of S1 & S11 will open onto this street and will link the Northern Gateway to the rest of IQL.

The landscape of Drewry Hill is designed to enhance the public realm, providing a tree-lined street and planting buffer for pedestrians. The route will be lined with trees of various heights and densities.

Above: Northern Gateway and Drewry Hill (left: S1, right: S11)

3. Drewry Yard

Drewry Yard, between S11 and commercial building S10, has the intimate scale of a quiet urban walkway. It is an important connector between Drewry Square and Railway Walk and its Pocket Park. The crèche lobby and raised terrace in S11 will bring activity and oversight to the space.

The Pocket Park is a play space that will cater to a range of ages and needs. The activities will reflect ‘creative’, ‘all age’ and ‘natural’ play areas highlighted by the public in previous consultation.

Above: Drewry Yard and Pocket Park (S11 in the back)

4. Drewry Square

Drewry Square is an informal residential community space. It will provide a pedestrianised entrance to the Wellness Centre in S1 and the proposed supermarket opposite in commercial building S2 (which will come forward at a later date).

Above: Drewry Square looking North (left: S11, right: S1)

Additional materials

Public spaces - Full exhibition board
Public spaces - Full exhibition board

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