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Homes and Residential Spaces


Homes and Residential Spaces

This page covers the homes and residential spaces proposed for S1 & S11. You can view more information in the 'additional materials' below, and have your say at the bottom of the page.

A range of apartment sizes are proposed for S1 & S11, to provide opportunity for a diverse range of people at different life stages. The buildings will include a mix of home types and tenures, including affordable housing. S1 & S11 will deliver affordable housing across a range of unit and tenure types. The affordable mix is to be determined through the planning process and via consultation with the London Legacy Development Corporation and GLA, as standard process for developments of this scale.

Tenure mix for S1 & S11


37 Storeys, 278 Apartments

Studio 6.5%, 1 Bed 41.4%, 2 Bed 47.5%, 3 Bed 4.7%


31 Storeys, 219 Apartments

Studio 0%, 1 Bed 36.5%, 2 Bed 52%, 3 Bed 12%

Residential Amenities


S1 & S11 will be car free developments, but each tower will be provided with disabled parking bays.

S1 - approx. 481 bicycle spaces & 9 accessible car parking spaces

S11 - approx. 398 bicycle spaces & 7 accessible car parking spaces

Terraces will be located on top of S1 & S11 podiums. These are designed to give residents the space to interact and get to know their neighbours.

Communal indoor amenity spaces will be located within each of the towers. These can be used for community activities and events.

Private indoor amenity spaces will be implemented instead of standard balconies. This will provide a space within each home that can be opened up to give the effects and feel of a balcony. These will provide light, while allowing the space to be used when the weather is colder in winter.

Above: the view from an aparment

Below: indoor private amenity spaces

Additional materials

Homes & Residential Spaces - Full exhibition board
Homes & Residential Spaces - Full exhibition board

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